About Psyche Fine Jewelry
Psyche, meaning "soul", seeks to merge mythological symbolism with modern design. Our pieces are known for their modern architectural lines and unconventionally shaped diamonds and gemstones. Everything is designed by founder Claire LaJeunesse and crafted by our expert jeweler in Chicago, IL.

Psyche Fine Jewelry is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint by focusing on small-batch releases and made-to-order pieces crafted exclusively with recycled gold and conflict-free stones. We are also dedicated to inclusivity and do not design anything with a specific gender in mind.

Our Ethos

Who We Are

Psyche Fine Jewelry is a female, LGBTQ+-owned and operated small business based in Chicago specializing in genderless, small-batch & bespoke fine jewelry inspired by ancient mythology and modern architectural motifs.

Two of our guiding pillars come from the Delphic maxims, γνῶθι σεαυτόν "Know Thyself" and Μηδὲν ἄγαν "Nothing in Excess." We revel in expressing ourselves through jewelry and pride ourselves on keeping our environmental impact low through our thoughtful design and manufacturing processes.

Ethical is Beautiful
In a world of fast fashion, cheap thrills, and instant gratification, Psyche Fine Jewelry invites you to slow down and bask in the comfort of supporting a small, female, LGBTQ+-owned business that prioritizes creating ethical and mindful jewelry.

All our pieces are made from recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds and gemstones. Our designs are crafted by our female master jeweler right here in Chicago, primarily on a made-to-order basis to keep our environmental impact low and avoid excess (there's that maxim again, Μηδὲν ἄγαν "Nothing in Excess").

ἀγάπη Agápe φιλία Philia ξενία Xenia
Psyche Fine Jewelry is for everyone; our pieces are intended to be genderless. While some designs may include motifs the general public has historically considered masculine or feminine, our aim is inclusivity — if you like it, wear it. Psyche designs are whatever you want them to be, from everyday talismans to symbols for marriage rites. Nothing brings warmth to our hearts more than witnessing people bring our designs into their lives in a way that feels authentic to them.

Jewelry is Immortal
Psyche Fine Jewelry is jewelry for your soul. Our pieces are meant to transcend your lifetime. We believe in investing in pieces you'll wear for the rest of your life, in jewelry that will become heirlooms and carry on well after we've gone. The way we see it, we are part of jewelry's life, not the other way around.

Our designs are for celebrating you. Whether that means they are only purchased once in a while to commemorate a milestone or as often as you feel like treating yourself, Psyche Fine Jewelry designs will be there for whatever you need. Our jewelry is the kind you'll be excited about now and prize forever. We aren't here for a quick fling; we're in it for life.


Meet the Designer 
Claire LaJeunesse has her AJP diploma from the Gemological Institute of America and has been working in fine jewelry for almost a decade. She has held every position from diamond runner and repairs manager to logistics coordinator and marketing manager. This multi-faceted jewelry background gives Claire a well-rounded approach to design as it impacts not only the overall look of a piece but also how it functions in one's life. She hand-selects every stone and works closely with her expert bench jeweler (who has a degree in architecture!) to bring her designs to life.