Ring Sizing

Fingers are strange things, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, knowing your ring size is, frankly, not even slightly straightforward. Rings should feel comfortable when worn, not too tight or too loose. When putting a ring on, it should slide over the knuckle fairly easily and take a bit of force and effort to get it off. Snug is good. Tight is bad. We say that if someone else could walk up to you and take your ring off your hand, it's far too loose. 


  • Fluctuating Fingers: Our hands fluctuate in size constantly. Anything from bloating, humidity, time of day, temperature, pregnancy, arthritis, etc., will affect the size of your finger, so it's best to measure a few different times before deciding.
  • Ring Shape & Width: Wide rings take up more space and feel tighter, so you may need a bigger size than you regularly wear to compensate.
  • Stacking: If you plan to stack a ring with several others, you will run into the same issue as with a wide ring - the overall width of all the rings stacked together will make things feel a bit tight. In this case, consider going up a quarter size to compensate for the overall width of the stack. 


  • If you are unsure of your size, we strongly recommend buying a ring sizer so you can be confident. Please note, most ring sizers are slim in width, so if you are looking at a wide ring, consider the width may affect the fit. This sizer is affordable and a great tool to have on hand for jewelry lovers. Please note the sizer has multiple size charts represented. US sizes are 1-13, UK Size A-Z. For example, "8 Q" is US size 8, UK size Q. "-8 R" is US size 8.5, UK size R etc. Ring sizer kit comes in half sizes, "-" Means 1/2 size. "-6" is 6.5, "-7" is 7.5, "-8" is 8.5 etc.